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Moonfruit HTML5 – Does Moonfruit Support HTML5?

moonfruit html5Once I published my Moonfruit Review, people asked me whether or not there is support for Moonfruit HTML5. The answer is YES, all Moonfruit websites are now published in HTML5 and any existing websites that are in Flash can be converted into HTML5.

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The Moonfruit HTML5 update was realeased in early 2013 which allows both new websites and old websites to convert to HTML5 for free. The Moonfruit HTML5 release was requested by Moonfruit users for a while since HTML5 sites have more flexibility than Flash websites.

Common Moonfruit HTML5 Questions:

Should you convert to Moonfruit HTML5 from Flash?

If you want to get traffic from the search engines then yes you should, however if your website is for just display purposes then it’s not so important. Search engines such as Google can’t read Flash websites which means they will have a low rank in the search results.

How do I convert to  Moonfruit HTML5 sites?

If you already have a flash website Moonfruit released an upgrade beta earlier this year which you can take advantage of once you log into your account. You will need to make some manual adjustments and not all features are available yet.

How can I get a Moonfruit HTML5 slideshow?

To add a HTML5 slideshow to a website you simply click Insert > Image Gallery inside of the website builder/editor. If you want to use an external slideshow (i.e. one that is outside of the Moonfruit website builder) you should check out this website, and you would need to paste the code into the “HTML Snippet” inside of Moonfruit.

Why are Moonfruit HTML5 sites better than flash or older HTML?

As new technology develops it becomes easier and more efficient to use the new code. Flash websites were once very popular however HTML5 gives users more functionality and is actually more simple than previous version of html.


  1. Willy Grmisch says:

    You can use external module for slideshow, like

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